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LILT Lounge's social scene is always simmering: there's something going on at our house every night of the week, from live jazz to DJs to art installations. Check out the full schedule.


Every night, from 6pm-8pm, don't miss our Cocktail Hour and enjoy the chef's daily selection of oysters for $1, glasses of Taittinger and Laurent Perrier for $10, champagne cocktails and more - all making for the ultimate downtown happy hour experience.
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Our Story

At LILT Lounge, we wanted to create a unique after-dark alternative in downtown Miamiā€”a place where thoughtfully crafted libations could mingle with inspired plates in a high-culture setting. Structured furnishings and an understated palette bring that vision to life, providing a low-key backdrop for the dramatic pops of color found throughout the space. Nightly entertainment is at the center of the LILT Lounge experience: here, serious drinks, delicious eats and good music keep the vibe at a constant simmer all evening long.

Our Menus

Lilt Cocktail


Spring in Prague



A Space for Fun

We Offer

A delicious meal and your favourite drink are two essentials that we offer.


With an expansive and exclusive menu, you can stand a chance to experience dishes and meals that are bound to blow your mind.


Make the most of the evening with a drink in your hand as the bar menu offers a complete take on the things you love the most.

Private Events

Roll out in fun and get used to the mark of excitement as private events are here to capture your imagination and take things forward.

Themed Evenings

Celebrate the many moments of life as themed evenings bring about an experience that is worth revisiting.

Private Dining

Taste the unique elements of comfort and luxury as private dining takes centre stage to get you what you need. 

Latest News & Updates

Crowd-Pleasing Events That Can Leave Your Bar Jam Packed

Bar Jam Packed

Holding an event to please the people who come to your bar is quite essential since customer service needs to take centre stage. By doing so, you will be setting a good example, and everyone would love to come in and experience the same. But what kind of events are we talking about? Well, the only way to find out is by going ahead to read the following.

Board Game Night

Board Game Night

Board Games might not be leaving us anytime soon as these games have once again proved to be the best. Be it snakes and ladders or other related games, they have all turned up the heat in bars, and people are helping people make the most of it. While it cannot be classified as the best event, it certainly does bring in the crowd you expect to have on the weekends. Playing a few rounds of these games and sipping a beer or so tends to constitute a good plan, and people would love to experience the same.

Trivia Game

Trivia games have always brought in the crowd, and they are essentially turning out to be the ideal service that one would expect. The games are addictive and thus will manage to encourage people to spend a lot of time at your bar and enjoy the services that you offer. Moreover, since these games include various themes, you can choose between top options that are often known to be favourites. As a result, Trivia Night needs to be your thing, and it will eventually help everyone have a good time.

Viewing Parties

Viewing parties is the most common way to draw people towards your bar and help them to stick around for a long time. These parties tend to include a famous show that has been trending or even have sports channels to project the game live. Thanks to all these options, you can choose one that is best suited for the moment. To make matters all the more interesting, you can even have classic movies and bring out a theme to set the mood on fire.

Viewing Parties

The Speed Dating Service

Unlike the swipe right culture, speed dating service brings about a difference as you get to speak to your partner in person before going ahead to venture further into their lives. This fun little service will pitch random strangers against each other, and they will have to answer questions that are asked by the announcer to each other. In this manner, they can have a drink in their hand and a conversation to start things off. As a result, speed dating service is another event that will keep your bar full and jam-packed.